Cassandra Cage, a well known lone bandit, had just made a successful heist & kill in Battery Park, Mahattan, and retreated to Times Square. As she made it to the abandoned city, or as she nicknamed it 'ghost town' few infected humans roamed, as most were takin' down by Mercanies, a specialized private military group. She snook past them, and made it to a safe alleyway, taking the ammunition out and unstrapping the rifle from her back, loading the ammunition into it. "Perfect.." she grinned, strapping the rifle back onto her back. Cassandra started to climb up ladder that lead to the top of a small building. She kneeled down, taking her sniper out and setting it up slowly. Cassie layed flat on her stomach, closing one of her eyes to look into the scope on the top of her rifle, getting close looks at the infected humans.