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Navaya Lynn | Female | Freedom

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Navaya Lynn | Female | Freedom Empty Navaya Lynn | Female | Freedom

Post by Navaya Lynn on Thu Mar 17, 2016 8:03 pm

Navaya Lynn
♀ | 21 years | ♊ |

{What Navaya Looks like}

Navaya Lynn | Female | Freedom 0348b4b1ee3672651e645bcd00c9fc01

{Face / skin tone / eye color}

Navaya Lynn | Female | Freedom Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT6VXqOYREdorEEQ3ZUrmTNR4uV56fIZZwLHs_ljYnkbaO2TEDt

☪ Personality Benefits / Detriments ☪
Clever / Determined / Disciplined / Efficient / Creative

Two faced / Restless / Indecisive / Nervous / Troublesome

☪ Temperament ☪
Navaya is a rather clever female, she tends to be pretty good at stealing things, though she has had a couple slip ups nearly getting herself killed.  She is very efficient with her work, there are very few occasions where something may not go well. Navaya is very determined, if she plans to be at a specific place at a certain time she will get there by that time, no matter how tired, hungry or hurt she is; she won’t let that get in her way.  She is also very creative, thinking of new ways to build things and be able to out maneuver the zombies and dangerous groups that lurk within the area she is currently living at.  Navaya has some flaws to her though, this female is rather two faced talking as if they were very close only to turn around and talk behind their back, a lot of the time.  She also seems to be restless, not wanting to stay in one place for long she tends to stay on the move to keep from being too restless. Due to her past, Navaya is constantly nervous with her surroundings and others.  The worst flaw she has of them all is she tends to get herself into trouble, whether its with the zombies or people trying to kill her for something she has done, she always ends up in some sort of trouble. However, Navaya does has good manners, using “ma’am, sir, please, thank you, may I…” she's not one to be rude, but she can be.

☪ Physical Facade ☪

Size / Attractive / Agile

Strength / Previous Injury

☪ Appearance ☪
Although Navaya does withhold some flaws, she’s an attractive young woman, having the perfect shade of olive skin, along with magnificent sea green eyes. Her frame stands at 5’3, leaving her to be able to outmaneuver those whose are larger, and carry more mass than she, being 107lbs. She has luscious brown hair that reaches down to her mid back. Navayas’ attire is mainly skinny jeans with holes in it, combat boots, a leather jacket in which she switches with a baby blue letter mans jacket. She tends to wear makeup to cover up the dark circles under her eyes, followed with winged eyeliner.  Half of the time, Navaya keeps her hair up in a bun or in a ponytail, but on occasion if she doesn’t have a hair tie she will leave it down.

☪ Life History ☪
Navaya once lived with her mother father, and two older brothers Jared and Carter.  Navaya was very close with her siblings.  They had a very nice lifestyle due to her father being a very wealthy businessman and her mother had been a surgeon.  Jared, the oldest of the three had just started college to get a degree in physiology and sociology. Carter, who is just two years older than Navaya was working as a bartender to save up to attend college to study in the engineering / mechanic academy. Navaya wanted to pursue a career as a doctor, more specifically an OBGYN {obstetrician gynecologist} aka someone who delivers the babies, that had always been the career she wanted. Navaya being
the youngest was spoiled (even though she despised this) and was given a carefree life with a housemaid and a beautiful doberman pinscher named Kovu.  But this perfect lifestyle came to a close as the Apocalypse came, her family was destroyed, having not been prepared for it. Navaya managed to escape, being able to use a gun in which she had learned to shoot by her brother Jared, in secret. She grabbed one of her “run away” bags and took off, having canned food and clothes to provide her with until she was able to get somewhere to be able to buy supplies she needed to survive. Later that week, Navaya finally got into a grocery store, grabbing two bags filling one with some ammo and a few things to make fire along with a few knives and then a machete in one of the bags, then filled the other with food and water and a couple of pain medications in case she would need a pain reliever, with that she starts her journey. After Navayas’ family was brutally slaughtered by the zombies, she became a solitary person, now having been completely on her own for a total of 8 months, not having encountered another being aside from those who were already transformed into those filthy flesh eating monsters. This gave her the time to practice improving her skills with her weapon and ability to fight, although she is small, she will definitely be tough.

☪  Miscellaneous ☪

Relationship status : Single

Voice : Catherine Zeta-Jones’ voice

Family : All deceased

Nationality : Spanish

Language(s) : Navayas’ first and most spoken language is Spanish, she is however fluent in English as well. She does have a perfect Spanish accent which may melt some people's heart. She will go off in spanish if she gets angry.(I will use translator)

Ps: her accent is the accent of Catherine Zeta-Jones on “The Mask of Zorro”

Secrets : None to share
Navaya Lynn
Navaya Lynn

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Navaya Lynn | Female | Freedom Empty Re: Navaya Lynn | Female | Freedom

Post by Grayson Spencer on Thu Mar 17, 2016 11:59 pm

Grayson Spencer
Grayson Spencer

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