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Maddie Parryss - Female - Loner

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Maddie Parryss - Female - Loner

Post by Maddie Parryss on Mon Mar 21, 2016 7:48 pm

{Warning: very, very lazy profile below…}

Visual image >>>


"Sometimes quiet people really do have a lot to say…. They're just being careful about who they open up to.”

Basic information>>>
Name- Maddie Parryss
Age- 23
Gender- female
Height- very short for her age at 5’2”
Weight- only about 93-102 lbs
Faction- Loner/ Neutral survivor

Maddie is primarily a quiet person. She describes herself as a down to earth, commonsensical young woman who gravitates towards a more baroque crowd.
She isn't one to react angrily to anything, but when she does become agitated she isn't afraid to show it. Maddie is quick to alter to an exacerbated lady with a surprisingly smart mouth when she needs to.


Maddie has a natural look to her countenance with somewhat of an anemic skin tone, argent azure eyes, small, plump lips, and desiccated auburn hair with an amalgamation of shades.
Her hair is usually worn down with loose waves that cup her oval face.

Her one accoutrement commonly includes a slightly tattered Nirvana tank top, shorts which are contrived of stretchy, free fabrics, and old black combat boots.

Maddie’s past was somewhat boring until the age of sixteen. She began to battle a drug addiction which soiled her relationships and left her desolate. Maddie got bored of this lonely lifestyle and decided to make a better, more healthy one for herself.

When she began sobering up is when the apocalypse broke, yet she believed it was all a ridiculous sham until these abnormal conditions quickly spread throughout her small town.
Maddie acted quickly. She had to strike out on her own.


Parents- Their whereabouts are unknown. Maddie hasn't made contact with them since she was eighteen.

Siblings- Maddie grew up as the middle child of five siblings. She hasn't touched base with any of them since eighteen. Their whereabouts are unknown.

Significant other- Not applicable.

Maddie protects herself with an array of hunting knives which are displayed around her waist. They're rarely used for killing the undead since she tends to keep a low profile.

Strengths/ weaknesses>>>
Light, quiet, agile, survival skills, quick thinker, persuasion.
Hotheaded, bad habit(s).


Maddie has a soft, melodic tone to her voice with an undeniably thick British accent. She has a habit to use slang that's more accustomed to British crowds as well.
Her collective voice and active mind never seem to fail, and cure almost any stressful situation with ease. Her tone can deem her as a weak individual at times, but Maddie will surely prove you wrong.


Maddie has a bad habit to smoke during her free time. She claims that it relaxes her, and that it maintains her sanity.
Maddie Parryss
Maddie Parryss

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Re: Maddie Parryss - Female - Loner

Post by Grayson Spencer on Mon Mar 21, 2016 10:44 pm

Grayson Spencer
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