Early Autumn
Temperatures are steadily dropping into the low 70s as daylight hours shrink and night is extended; appropriate attire is necessary in this comfortable weather, light jackets will guard you from the autumnal chill. The damp, cool weather is prone to getting you sick.
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Frankie Fletcher | Male

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Post by Frankie Fletcher on Thu May 05, 2016 5:19 am

Frankie Fletcher
♏ | 19 years |   | Bisexual | Loner
Strength - 8/10 | Endurance - 7/10 | Acceleration - 6/10 | Intellect - 9/10

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Frankie Fletcher | Male

 Psychological Advantages || Disadvantages  
Enthusiastic, Philosophical, Reliable, Charitable //
Detached, Alienated, Brusque, Repressive

The words artfully crafted by this cavalier’s lips are enticing, dangerously seductive, and underlined with baroque bass notes. His vocals are embellished with a memorable Irish timbre, his lucrative, quite poetic monologue practically dripping with the lilting aspects of his unusually pacifying, alluring accent. His unyielding vocal chords have proven many times of possessing a remarkable talent in singing, which fueled his success in his former career. The formidable potency of his words are capable of being insidious having mastered exquisite articulation and viperous, cunning wit, Frankie is extraordinarily tactful and devout with silver tongue wordplay.

 Exterior Attributes  
Endowed with an admirably mesmeric, princely countenance characterized with refined, symmetrical facial features bolstered by a hearty smile, and garnished with lucidly resplendent cornflower blue pools, Frankie is undoubtedly captivating. He is harmoniously proportioned and quite lofty, although his 6’3” stature is delineated by slight lankiness, but muscular scaffolding is not absent. His visage is suavely framed by regally fashioned locks of Stygian, however the natural pigmentation of his hair is a vibrant shade of burnished auburn. His complexion is a flawlessly pallid ivory, his arms almost entirely smothered with immaculately disheveled Motley Crue-meets-Kiss stage facade tattoos, a drunken patchwork staining his arms, and runes scrawled about his svelte neck and chest. Minimal surgical steel piercings adorn his capitulum, his right earlobe and right nostril pierced, and the bottom left of his lower lip sporting a simplistic ring.

Frankie Fletcher | Male  Ezgif_11

Surpassingly adroit, Frankie is studious and intellectually inclined, an individual whose unconventional philosophy has ultimately classified him as devoutly mature and fiercely opinionated, which has gotten him into trouble many times. Generally reserved and pragmatic, Frankie is unusually benevolent and sublime, shrouded in rarefied charisma and charm manifested in his attentive observance and unparalleled perspicacity. His effervescent demeanor allots him a sight definitely venerated midst the cruel post-apocalypse, highly esteemed for his endearing generosity and lighthearted humor, inevitably christening him as a flirt. Although a very sensual person, Frankie has inherited the addictive traits of his father through genetics, and has found himself struggling with addiction.

Although he exhibits very extroverted behavior, Frankie has been diagnosed with mild anxiety and clinical depression, and occasionally self medicates with cannabinoids and narcotics to neutralize the deterring elements, but has found himself handling a subtle addiction, especially with the local anesthetic, cocaine. Beneath his philosophical tendencies, beneath his benevolence, and beneath his eye-catching cynosures, a lingering despondence dissipates the frail remnants of ambition for a utopia---he postulates no redemption for humanity, the plague that is destined to obliterate the mistake of mankind is incurable.

Although any promise of blood relation is believed to be bygone, a single brethren is left, Grayson Spencer, who is the estranged step sibling of Frankie. Their parents coalesced during their international travels in a United States airport and grown inexplicably smitten toward one another instantaneously, having married two years later and procured a daughter, Nadia. The step-brothers never shared similar interests in… well, anything, and loathed the other with unusual contempt. Even now, they ultimately refuse to cooperate with each other, even in the midst of the world ending. Altercations and physical brawls are prevalent when the unrelated siblings are together, but beyond everything, a small iota of mutual respect is shared.

Frankie Fletcher | Male  Tumblr_nv1lsgbnAX1u71gwto1_500
Frankie Fletcher
Frankie Fletcher

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