Early Autumn
Temperatures are steadily dropping into the low 70s as daylight hours shrink and night is extended; appropriate attire is necessary in this comfortable weather, light jackets will guard you from the autumnal chill. The damp, cool weather is prone to getting you sick.
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Grayson Spencer || Male || Mercenary

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Grayson Spencer || Male || Mercenary Empty Grayson Spencer || Male || Mercenary

Post by Grayson Spencer on Wed Mar 16, 2016 4:50 pm

Grayson Spencer
| 23 years | ♌ | Mercenary
“Do you live by your own rules,
or are you someone else’s puppet?"

Grayson Spencer || Male || Mercenary 5pZLT2S

▼ Cognitive Benefits & Defects ▼
“Could it be the reason why I suffer?”
| Dauntless | Poised | Charismatic |
| Domineering | Egotistical | Obdurate |

▼ Corporeal Benefits & Defects ▼
“I remember now.. how to take another’s life.”
| Indefatigable | Amplitude | Celerity |
|  No known defects |

▼ Semblance ▼
“You seem weary, Beloved.”
Marked with a tanned complexion and athletic, proportionate anatomy whose distinguishable, impressive loft attains a stature of 6’5”, Grayson’s imposing physicality is bolstered with resilient musculature and amply hale shoulders, whose appendages are toned with stately lean sinew and especially broadened biceps; dilated veins adorn his arms, though are more prominent after invigorating instances of strain. Years of arduous training of participation in the Navy Seals has improved his physical prowess and rendered his body as a precarious weapon. His facial structure is noble, comely refinement etching an aesthetically pleasing jawline and further embellished by scintillating, cunning pewter-grey oculars accented by dark eyelashes. His irate expression is rather discouraging, a pissed off veneer almost always published on his suave countenance, elaborated by his furrowed eyebrows and calcining irises. Tastefully disheveled sunglow blonde hair sports prevailing bronze undertones, his less-than tamed locks usually hastily quiffed and hidden somewhat beneath a hood.

▼ Mannerisms ▼
“You are unlike the others.”
Sinister, cabalistic tendencies yield a caliginous semaphore of a commendable belligerent with a discordant psyche, whose extremist malevolence is elaborated by violent sentimental scintillas and ensorcelling aristocratic magnetism; Grayson is anything but an amicable individual. A sempiternal reputation bolsters him high esteem midst the remnant societies, commemorated for his tactful endeavors and grotesque crimes outside the dilapidated authority that governmental influences desperately cling onto. His rebellion is emulated with disloyalty because of his prior allegiance devoted to the Navy Seals, he became maculate under their domination and disconnected ties with the Military, but utilizes his experience as an imperious tyrant of the Mercenaries. His iron fist doesn’t hesitate to penalize individuals of his coalition for insubordination, but his volatile temperament often has those daring enough to thwart his command staring down the barrel of his gun. The deteriorating environment and constant peril  has corrupted him much further and his intolerance is evermore prevalent during these heavily stressful times, the apocalypse shaping him into an unruly, manipulative character.

▼ Auld Lang Syne▼
“This world will change you. ”
His previous years aren't shared easily.

▼ Vocal Diction▼
“Was it pleasant to indulge in the fruit of my knowledge, my darling?”
Grayson’s domineering timbre is distinguishable by his informal annunciations of abridged syllables because of his memorable Australian dialect. Weathered and arid, the mellifluous lull on his words provide him with a persuading baritone edge. His intonation is condescending and is clipped by dominance; often indifferent and maintained at a neutral volume, seldom does his voice transcend to something boisterous.
Grayson Spencer
Grayson Spencer

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