Early Autumn
Temperatures are steadily dropping into the low 70s as daylight hours shrink and night is extended; appropriate attire is necessary in this comfortable weather, light jackets will guard you from the autumnal chill. The damp, cool weather is prone to getting you sick.
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Battery Park

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Battery Park Empty Battery Park

Post by Grayson Spencer on Thu Mar 17, 2016 4:51 am

Battery Park

25 acres of extensive verdure is neatly plotted with noble monuments, overgrown, once-manicured gardens, daunting skeletal sculptures and a gorgeous waterfront overlook from a collapsed promenade. A stone labyrinth was thought to be a prescribed stroll for meditation, but this intricate maze is anything but peaceful nowadays and could be riddled with the Infected.

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Battery Park Empty Re: Battery Park

Post by Frankie Fletcher on Sun May 08, 2016 4:35 am

The reticent chafing of dilapidated shoe soles on a fractured cobblestone pathway pacified ephemerally and the inexplicable silence engulfed the mien of a wayward survivor, the intense pressure of the lonely, sempiternal quietude manifesting as a throbbing migraine in the confines of his skull, the macabre drone of the dead phasing into unbearable white noise to his auditory. The Lone individual pivoted toward the magnificent waterfront from the demolished promenade and stole a long moment to gawk anticipatorily toward the glowing predawn horizon, dark sunglasses reducing the harshness of the luminescence on his tender eyes, the acute sensitivity undoubtedly a symptom of his cephalalgia. Below, tumultuous tides angrily crashed against the crumbling brick platform and upsurging frequent sprays of cool, briny mist over the elegant wrought iron railing , the salty moisture flecking the lenses of his specs and texturing his tousled sable hair, inducing a rather delightful, wavy effect.

Although fascinated by the crystalline seascape, Frankie retired from leering at the cool, hazy morning backdrop over the rippling skyline and resumed ambulating casually lengthwise of the macadamized pier, rapt in lucid absent-mindedness, the distanced and contemplative milieu in his smoldering lamps ensconced by the urbane sunglasses. His disguised eyes tactfully traced the tendrils of ivy crawling about the stone and twinning in unique curlicues about the iron railing, the abundance of dark leaves clashing with the saline air currents, while a gruesome repetition of haunting  images lingered behind his heavy, weary eyelids,  memories of slaughter and loss from just hours ago immensely fueling his conspicuous dissociative demeanor. It was that particular recollection that reminded him of the trauma he received from his group’s massacre conducted by the Mercenaries, the cadence of faint pulsation one indicator that the lesion resumed to weep.

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Battery Park Empty Re: Battery Park

Post by Capre Noctem on Mon May 09, 2016 8:18 pm

Sticky presperation ran down her forehead, and strands of hair frayed at the edges were caught in the air. The breeze smelt of salt, and the sound of waves crashed at the sand banks. Gulls flew in the air and Palm trees swung to the wind. Paxton wiped her forehead, her head was pounding and the repeat of waves was beginning to drive her insane. Out of the corner of her butterscotch pools, the hair in the back of her neck rose at the sight of another creature, it was human. She turned and gripped her gun, "Frankie? Frankie! Oh my goodness!" her eyes widened, recognizing his stature immediately.
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Battery Park Empty Re: Battery Park

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