Early Autumn
Temperatures are steadily dropping into the low 70s as daylight hours shrink and night is extended; appropriate attire is necessary in this comfortable weather, light jackets will guard you from the autumnal chill. The damp, cool weather is prone to getting you sick.
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Blake Grey -Male- Freedom

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Blake Grey -Male-  Freedom Empty Blake Grey -Male- Freedom

Post by Blake Grey on Wed Mar 23, 2016 2:09 am

Name: Blake Grey

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Faction: Freedom

Psychological Advantages/Disadvantages: Mentally disciplined, due to training, Blake is a highly mentally and emotionally disciplined individual who can keep his thoughts and emotions in check when in dangerous situations, in addition to being able to tactically analyze a situation. Incredibly empathetic and patient, his empathy allows him to easily identify with people, though some people are still beyond him and with those people his patience is then tested. His empathy is also a curse however, as he is easily manipulated emotionally if he's not careful. Blake sometimes displays symptoms of multiple personality disorder, though a full second personality has not yet been documented. This has been kept secret, but it is a sore subject for him if it comes up.

Physical Advantages/Disadvantages: Blake has no true physical disadvantages other than being ever so slightly smaller than the average guy. However, his size is deceiving. While he is not exceptionally strong, he has managed to keep with what would be considered average for someone of his age. His speed is a little greater than one might first expect, but it's just above average. If another faster individual were to try and race him they would probably win. All in all, Blake's greatest physical disadvantage is that he has no notable advantages, however his greatest advantage is that he has no notable disadvantages.

Blake Grey -Male-  Freedom 9k=
Blake is of decent build for his past profession, his muscles being defined and toned. Blake is a fairly attractive young man who stands at about 5'10" and weighs roughly 160lbs. His eyes are a deep blue like sapphires. His skin is a healthy complexion for the amount of time he spends not outside. He has blond hair which is kept short out of habit, much like a militiaman might keep it. In keeping with his old habits he often wears combat boots and jeans, having one ragged brown long jacket that reaches to his knees and he often wears a hood to hide his features when he ventures outside.

Personality: Blake is quiet, collected, and nearly ice cold to everyone he perceives as hostile to him until they get to know him a little bit. He tends to let out his warmer side to those who have known him for a while and hates to leave people unprotected. He absolutely despises people who try to take advantage of others. Blake has a tendency to not respond well to authority that has not earned his respect, especially if he is given a reason to doubt. He has been described to seem to have a switch, being able to switch from the laid back and seemingly warmhearted man that his friends would know him as, to the ice cold and tactile killer.

History: Blake was not originally from New York, he came over with his mother as a small child from England. He studied martial arts as a child, becoming proficient with hand to hand combat and knives, and had a decent home life until his mother lost pretty much all of their finances to gambling. His teenage years were spent on the street mostly as his mother tried to scrape enough of a living to keep them fed. Blake did what he could to help out his mother, but there wasn't much he could do from his position. When Blake was old enough he thought he would make things easier on his mother and enlisted in the military, joining the special forces. However after witnessing multiple counts of corruption within the ranks, specifically after the military initiated this apocalypse, he and his unit decided to leave the military. They gathered what weapons and supplies they could and set out. Blake grabbed five throwing knives, a pistol with two clips of ammo and a sniper rifle with one clip. He grabbed a small bag of extra ammo for the sniper and left with the rest of his unit. They did alright for a while, but eventually the zombies caught them when they weren't prepared, all of his unit was killed except for one and even though he and Blake escaped the last member of Blake's unit had become infected. Blake was forced to execute him before he turned. With nothing left, Blake returned to the old streets and alleyways he walked as a kid, keeping the weapons he had stolen and scavenging the brown jacket he favored to wear in order to try and blend in with any survivors he might find. He hoped someday that he would be able to get back at the military for all the pain they had caused.

Voice: His voice is not particularly deep, holding at a mid-decibel. His heritage and mothers voice is not lost on him as Blake still holds a bit of the British accent that he had been raised hearing all his young life.

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Blake Grey -Male-  Freedom Empty Re: Blake Grey -Male- Freedom

Post by Grayson Spencer on Wed Mar 23, 2016 4:51 am

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