Early Autumn
Temperatures are steadily dropping into the low 70s as daylight hours shrink and night is extended; appropriate attire is necessary in this comfortable weather, light jackets will guard you from the autumnal chill. The damp, cool weather is prone to getting you sick.
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Site Guidelines

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Site Guidelines Empty Site Guidelines

Post by Grayson Spencer on Sun Mar 13, 2016 10:00 pm

Rules and Guidelines

-Powers are prohibited, realistic roleplay is strongly encouraged. (I.E, no godmodding.)

-Do not permanently damage/kill another member's character.

-Excessive drama, or attempting to dominate the RP will not be tolerated.

-Minimal sexual interactions are tolerated, excess is prohibited in public areas.

-Be as realistic as possible. You're only embarrassing yourself.

-If your account is inactive for a total of 1 week, (and you have left without notifying an Admin) you will be removed, and your place will be made available once more.

-While everyone is to be treated equally, ranks are not to be overstepped.

-Don't be excessive with your arsenal. (Don't have every weapon imaginable and unlimited ammo. You're not just gonna find a flamethrower laying on the ground.)

-General crass behavior will not be allowed. Don't be a dump, respect other roleplayers.

If the admins determine that any number of these rules have been excessively violated, warnings will be issued before accounts are removed.
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